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espMqttClient is an MQTT client library for the Arduino framework, made for ESP8266 and ESP32. With little effort, other platforms can be supported as well.

MQTT was the choise I made for communication with my IoT devices. And as a fan of non-blocking code (or even better, asynchronous code), I relied on Async-mqtt-client. It has been my go-to MQTT client for many years. It was fast, reliable and had features that were non-existing in alternative libraries. However, the underlying async TCP libraries are lacking updates, especially updates related to secure connections. I eventually decided to write my own library, from scratch (I copied the API though). This is the result.


Arduino Library for ESP8266 to communicate with Viessmann boilers using a (DIY) serial optolink.

Based on the fantastic work on openv. Check out this wiki for a simple hardware implementations

You can find my library here:


Joint project to bring a compliant modbus server and client to ESP32 for RTU and TCP.

Read the docs at


My library is an Arduino library for ESP32 to drive WS2811 LEDs using the RMT peripheral on ESP32 microcontrollers.

It is a wrapper library around the WS2811 driver written by @nkolban, published on his Github account.

You can find my library here:

A full blown demo application is available here:


async-mqtt-client is a Arduino MQTT library for ESP8266 and ESP32. Altough not my project, I did try to improve the library significantly.

you can find the code here: